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Beauty comes in all sizes, being plus is an extra bonus


About La Vieille Modele

Role Model

A professional modeling career isn’t an easy one. It’s a full-time commitment requiring personal sacrifice and a dedication to preparation. La Vieille Modele came into concept when the CEO, Christina Vieux was ridiculed and pressured about having to lose weight. She felt down and depressed, as opposed to letting the pressures and opinions of others get her down, she embraced it. By participating in fashion shows, she gained the strength she needed to not only encourage herself but many other women who faces the same challenges that other women face. Our goal at La Vieille Modele is to build the confidence of women one runway and photo shoot at a time.

"To all the girls that think you're fat because you're not a size zero, you're the beautiful one, it's society who's ugly"

Marilyn Monroe




Queens, NY, USA






Queens, NY, USA



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